31 December 2009

new year. new changes!

happy new year!

i'm so happy to announce that lovely and lavish has a new home at


i loved my time at blogger, but i'm so excited for the move.

meet you at the new place!

also, happy new year!!!


09 December 2009

let it snow!

hi hi!

very busy,
but today was the first snowfall of the year,
worthy of a post!

first snow falls are always exciting because it completes the scene,
the christmas carols have been playing for a while,
the tree has been decorated,
gifts continue to be purchased,
the first snow fall completes is the last piece of the puzzle,
it completes the season.

but snow also has very functional purposes,
after all, is it really a winter, if you haven't tobogganed?

i am not a fan of early snow falls,
they come too soon,
when I still have to trek downtown for school,
& when i still have to wait on cold platforms for the late trains,
but this year, the snow was kind enough to wait for classes to end!

i've been listening to this & this & this & this a lot lately!


coming soon,
my holiday gift guide,
so exciting!

hope you're seeing some snow outside your window!


images: 1, 2, 3

02 December 2009

pearl + frankie

quick note.

my friend caitie & i,
like to think of ourselves as pretty witty ladies,
well... when we're in the company of each other,
we're relatively witty


our little side project,
though she's the brains behind it,

the (mis)adventures of pearl + frankie


classical tuesday III

hey lovelies,

still swamped with work,
but classical tuesday made me feel better,
yes, yes i know it is wednesday,
but i am drowning in work!
& besides, good classical music should be experienced everyday,
if you ask me!

this week on the menu we have:

Offenbach - Barcarolle
Elgar - Salut D'Amour
Tchaikovsky - None But The Lonely Hearts
Schubert - Standchen (Schwanengesang, D 957: no 4)
Saint-Saens - The Swan ( Le Cygne )

oh & a few days ago,
i could not tell you which exactly,
this week feels like one long (never ending) day,
i made brownies for the first time, late at night during a study break.
my wonderful friend caitie saw it as an ideal opportunity,
to add in some of her famous mockery & post it on her blog

lots of hugs,